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"The experience was unlike what I was expecting and afterwards I felt relieved over the insight Caleb provided me."
- Melissa J.

Are you wondering about:

  • Love Life
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  • A Relationship
  • Career Choices
  • Happiness of Your Family

Find a satisfying end to:

  • A Family Feud
  • Office Trouble
  • A Long Series of Losses
Make better choices, and find what you need to move things forward in a positive direction!

"I really appreciated how direct and professional he was. I didn't feel like I was being told generic psychic babble. I would definitely recommend Caleb to anyone who is looking for a real reading."
- Grace Purdy

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Readings can be done at your home or another location where you're comfortable in the Niagara Region. Private readings are an hour long and are $80.
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"He's bang on as always and showed me that there are some decisions to be made and some work to be done but things can work out."
- Alex Cameron

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