Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Manifestation Fundamentals: Accept That Life Is Unfair

The time has come at long last to start looking at the infamous "Law of Attraction". Popularized by "The Secret", this has grown into a mini-industry of its own. Most material written on this topic seems to focus on one narrow aspect of the issue, but then presents that little piece as the entire equation. Other times, as in "The Secret" itself, you're filled with quick tips but in such a glossed-over manner that many of the fundamentals get lost.

In truth, this topic is so vast and complicated that it's difficult to know where to start.

Between the epic volumes of New Thought philosophy, mountains of occult practices from the last few centuries, the ancient Gnostic documents and other ancient tablets, there's no shortage of source material I could quote if I felt like looking smart. None of that even begins to approach the libraries of modern New Age philosophers and the work that continues to be published by the Theosophic and other societies. This thing is a monster!

What I'll do, then, is forget it all and focus on channeling a series of articles examining "The First Fundamental of Manifestation":
To work with The Law of Attraction properly, you must transform yourself into a person who has this ability. Change is not optional.
The next few articles will be focused on different aspects of this fundamental, and we'll see where inspiration takes it from there.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Spiritual Journey of Poker

Seriously? Poker?

One of the main ways to develop your intuition is to listen to it and act accordingly. Lately I've been calling this "obedience" as a way to bully my ego into doing what intuition is telling me to do. The principle is simple: if intuition shows you a door, don't ask what's behind it, just walk through it.

(Side note: this is all after a few years of training this thing I'm calling "intuition" to be a manifestation of the highest and finest frequencies of love and intelligence that have my best interest at heart, and will refrain from making suggestions until I'm ready for them.)

So there I was, staring at YouTube with this funny itch at the back of my mind that I'm supposed to be looking for something. And then it hit me: poker. I should be looking up poker. Of all things...