Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Manifestation Fundamentals - Stupid Jerks

You know the type. I meet them every day. They drive slow in the fast lane. They pay in pennies at the checkout. They stare at the menu at Tim Horton's for fifteen minutes, unsure of what they want, even though it already took them ten minutes in line to get that far.

They smoke, they spit, they swear, they smell, and they're in my way. They're too loud, too self-absorbed, too ignorant, and too uncooperative. They ignore my good ideas and are probably conspiring against me. Plus, they're probably completely evil.

They're ruining everything, and they're why things aren't going my way. They're the source of everything that is wrong with the world. If they would just smarten up and do things right, my dreams could come true easily, overnight.

What if I told you, however, that maybe I'm just a jerk? I know, it seems unlikely, but if I want to really start manifesting things in my life, I should indulge this crazy idea for a minute.

If you've spent ten seconds looking at "Law of Attraction" material you've been exposed to a common scene. It goes something like this: our miserable hero decides to perk up and think positively, and suddenly all the mean people in their life magically disappear or change their attitudes.

I've tried it too, but found that, strangely, people are still kind of annoying. What am I doing wrong?

This is because of what I call "The First Fundamental of Manifestation":
To work with The Law of Attraction properly, you must transform yourself into a person who has this ability. Change is not optional.
It's not about simply adopting a new philosophy or learning a skill. You don't just get some instructions on manifestation and follow them. Rather, you realize that you are already manifesting.

All of these jerks surrounding me? They're my doing. Because that's who I am. I'm the hateful little jerk that looks at people with disdain and irritation just because they're out there living their lives in ways that don't directly serve my ego.

My irritation would have been impossible if I had chosen compassion instead. But I didn't.

My impatience would have been impossible if I had faith in the person in front of me that they were doing the best they could. A moment's empathy would have dissolved my impatience. I didn't bother.

Those people who just don't listen to my ideas? They have reasons that, to them, made perfect sense. Those who manifest become curious about how to work with those reasons, rather than wasting time being wounded at having their ideas ignored.

Just as an experiment, try owning that for a minute. Everyone is awesome, all things are possible, and you decided to ignore all of that so that you could be annoyed and feel inconvenienced.

I need to accept that as true. If I'm unwilling to do so, then I'm choosing to manifest a world of stupid jerks who all work against me.

It is about recognizing that the people who annoy me are actually not annoying. I'm just the kind of person that gets annoyed by them. And that's not their problem. There is nothing wrong with them at all. This is all on me, and so from now on, I'm transforming into someone who isn't going to react like this. I'm working on it.

It is about accepting that there is always, always a story I don't know about:
  • He's driving slow in the fast lane because he's scared about merging traffic ever since the accident last year, where his wife got seriously injured.
  • She's paying with pennies because she's out of money, the bank is far away, and she can't afford a car.
  • He can't pick an item from the menu at Tim Horton's because he has vision problems that went undiagnosed throughout school, which also made it difficult for him to pick up reading skills. He lives with the embarrassment of that every day in a society filled with text.
  • She is having a hard time taking me seriously because, when I walked in, I inadvertently insulted her with that comment I made about slow drivers. Her husband drives slow ever since the accident because she's terrified and he loves her. She suffers from nightmares about it to this day, and she blames pushy drivers like me.
  • Yeah, he smells. He's tried everything on the shelves in the "Bath & Beauty" section but nothing works. It's actually a medical condition and there are treatments for it, but nobody's ever suggested that to him before.
It is about recognizing that I am the kind of person that seeks out the stupid and selfish. I've honed my "stupidity detector" so well that I can detect the weakest signal and amplify it thousands of times, so that it comes through sharply, loud and clear to my senses, as if the world is filled with its horrid vibration.

Meanwhile, my "awesome detector" is so broken down it only tunes in to a few random frequencies, or maybe just a couple of the loudest in-your-face moments. I remember things used to be so much better, but that's only because back then, I knew how to notice the good in the world so much better.

Accept people for the perfect beings they are, making the best choices they can given the circumstances. Do that and suddenly everything changes. Everybody is worth knowing, and every one of their experiences is fascinating to witness. Life moves along smoothly, with no real noticeable obstacles. Everyone is interested in being your partner.

In a world like that, this "manifestation" stuff is child's play.

IMPORTANT: There's only one solution for someone who is abusing you: cut them out of your life until you can determine that it's possible to relate to them in a way where you don't get abused. This article isn't about that. Do not expose yourself to abuse. Just get away from it. Period. Safety first people!

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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Spiritual Influence: Watch The Signal To Noise Ratio

Intuitives spend a lot of time and effort on one thing: becoming more intuitive. As they hone their craft they become more sensitive to what they are feeling and thinking, and develop ways of converting that raw data into information.

On a very basic level, this starts as "this feels bad, it must be bad," and "this feels good, it must be good." Makes sense, right?

As we develop this part of ourselves, we start trusting our emotions more and more. We do this for a good reason: they frequently reveal things that were hidden. After a number of times where listening to our intuition reveals things we would have had no way of knowing before, it's only natural that we stop judging the feelings and just go with them.

The problem is that sometimes we completely forget that, like all humans, our emotions are at the mercy of our bodies - and our bodies don't always react in a way that makes any sense at all.

Take the new moon, for example. I've found that whenever the moon goes dark, I get a rush of emotion for a few days. This has everything to do with the way the moon is interacting with my body, and nothing at all to do with the specific emotions I'm experiencing.

Of course, I didn't realize this at first. When I first became sensitive to it I just couldn't understand why I was alternately so upset, then passionate, and then melancholy. I started losing sleep. I started suspecting some kind of negative influence. I started to wonder if maybe I was doing something wrong. "What are you trying to tell me," I would ask my guides.

Desperate for answers, I started to run down a number of theories. There were a few wild goose chases.

Then, one day, I looked at the calendar, looked at the last few months, and noticed a pattern. The new moon. It comes around, and I freak out a little. It finishes, and calm returns.

That's all it was. For goodness sakes...

So now that I know, I accept the energy with open arms and find myself incredibly productive and creative at these times. Starting new projects as the new moon approaches, at least for me, gives me a great running start. I definitely look forward to the galvanizing force.

Please understand though, I'm not trying to tell you anything about the moon. What I'm trying to tell you is this: the better you are at tuning into the subtle energies of the universe, the more you will find yourself influenced by them in ways you might not realize. When that happens you have a choice: shield against these energies (which means block them out), or let them in and make them useful.

Let me be clear: both of these choices are perfectly safe and perfectly acceptable.

The only dangerous choice is to vehemently assume that your feeling "means something", and to go hunting for that meaning. The human mind is, by design, a pattern-matching machine. If you're experiencing a rush of emotion and look to the people around you for the cause, you will find it whether it is there or not.

Now, what would make this article really spectacular is to finish off with the magic pill that you can swallow to instantly know the difference between some external influence telling you something about the world, or to just blame last night's nightmares on an allergic reaction to cashews. It would be awesome if there was an easy way to tell the difference.

But there isn't. It takes patience, it takes experience, and it takes time. There are no true shortcuts when it comes to spiritual growth, so my only real advice is this: take each sensation, each emotion, and each idea that pops into your head for what it is. Don't assign meaning, and don't assign blame. Observe yourself, observe the world, and wait for the lesson that the Universe is trying to teach you to become apparent.

Allow it to take as much time as needed. Try not to force it, and allow all possible conclusions to remain only possibilities. Never commit yourself to a "truth", as actually "knowing" anything for certain in this life is not what we were born to do here. We are meant to experience and observe, that's all.

Accept all of this, and the best way to handle the energies around you will become clear in due time.

And don't forget: keep breathing.

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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Mainfestation Fundamentals: Why?

The Universe doesn't care if you're strong or weak, clever or stupid, educated or ignorant. It doesn't even care if you're "correct" in your spiritual philosophy.

It only cares about one thing: are you being completely clear about this thing you want?

This means not just having a well-defined notion of what you want, but of why you want it. As mentioned above, your motives don't have to be virtuous, they just have to be honest. You need to get to the root of your motivation, and fully acknowledge all of it, not just the parts that make you proud or sound good when you share them with others.

For instance: I'm writing this article because I love Kathy Upper and Spiritual Niagara. I believe in what we're doing and I believe in the people of the Niagara Region, and anything I can do to help is my absolute honor and privilege to do.

If I stopped there, however, I would be being very selective in my honesty, wouldn't I?

I also love the idea that something I say could possibly help someone in some small way and make the world a better place. I love the idea that I have the power to influence the world for the better, because that implies something about the possibilities of how great world I live in could be someday, and it also implies that there's something good in me.

Let's not even stop there though...

I'm also writing because I love to look smart. My Ego loves it when I read over something I've written and it looks like it makes sense and will be effective. A part of me is really hoping people will read this, be impressed, and their opinion of me will improve.

If I didn't acknowledge that, I'd be LYING. I'd be lying to myself, and I'd be lying to you.

Now, I'd love to pretend that I'm a pure and innocent saint existing beyond the Ego and beyond self-interest, but if I want this article to be effective in its intent (in this case: giving people an effective tool for manifestation) then I must acknowledge all of me, not just the shiny bits. I must do so shamelessly, and without guilt. Only then will the Universe acknowledge my desire.

The Universe doesn't care if you've conquered your Ego. It only cares that you fully comprehend how your decisions are being influenced by it, and that you've accepted yourself exactly as you are. If you are being completely honest about your intent, then your intent can be made manifest.

Pretend at purity at your own peril.

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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Manifestation Fundamentals: The Unique Advantage of Weakness

The following article is part of a series on Manifestation. For the first part, please see Manifestation Fundamentals: Accept That Life is Unfair. In this article we continue to discuss "The First Fundamental of Manifestation":
To work with The Law of Attraction properly, you must transform yourself into a person who has this ability. Change is not optional.
Here we'll tackle the concept from a different perspective.

One thing many of us spend a lot of time on is the careful control of our energies. Positivity, compassion, patience, happiness, and all of the things we call "high frequencies" start as quarries we pursue, then hard-won prizes, and then simply become habits.

In theory this not only makes us happier and healthier, this also opens us to the higher wisdom of the universe. Of course, of particular importance to this series of articles is also the application of the Law of Attraction: if you stay positive, then positive things will come to you.

The difficulty is that the world, and our experience of it, spans the frequency spectrum from one end to the other. As positive as you think you are, you are not completely free of negativity. That's an experience reserved for the next world.

So here's what happens: we have our high-frequency addict. They resonate with joy, bliss out in meditation, and overall present a shiny happy face to the world at all times. And then they get sick, have arguments with friends, business moves don't go as planned, and they're left wondering: how is this possible? I've been entirely focused on positivity, so this shouldn't be happening. I did not ask for this. What's going on?

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Manifestation Fundamentals: Accept That Life Is Unfair

The time has come at long last to start looking at the infamous "Law of Attraction". Popularized by "The Secret", this has grown into a mini-industry of its own. Most material written on this topic seems to focus on one narrow aspect of the issue, but then presents that little piece as the entire equation. Other times, as in "The Secret" itself, you're filled with quick tips but in such a glossed-over manner that many of the fundamentals get lost.

In truth, this topic is so vast and complicated that it's difficult to know where to start.

Between the epic volumes of New Thought philosophy, mountains of occult practices from the last few centuries, the ancient Gnostic documents and other ancient tablets, there's no shortage of source material I could quote if I felt like looking smart. None of that even begins to approach the libraries of modern New Age philosophers and the work that continues to be published by the Theosophic and other societies. This thing is a monster!

What I'll do, then, is forget it all and focus on channeling a series of articles examining "The First Fundamental of Manifestation":
To work with The Law of Attraction properly, you must transform yourself into a person who has this ability. Change is not optional.
The next few articles will be focused on different aspects of this fundamental, and we'll see where inspiration takes it from there.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Spiritual Journey of Poker

Seriously? Poker?

One of the main ways to develop your intuition is to listen to it and act accordingly. Lately I've been calling this "obedience" as a way to bully my ego into doing what intuition is telling me to do. The principle is simple: if intuition shows you a door, don't ask what's behind it, just walk through it.

(Side note: this is all after a few years of training this thing I'm calling "intuition" to be a manifestation of the highest and finest frequencies of love and intelligence that have my best interest at heart, and will refrain from making suggestions until I'm ready for them.)

So there I was, staring at YouTube with this funny itch at the back of my mind that I'm supposed to be looking for something. And then it hit me: poker. I should be looking up poker. Of all things...

Friday, 21 June 2013

Spiritual Food (video)

If you're missing this, you're missing everything. Your food may not be feeding your body or your soul.

Garden City Food Co-op

Niagara Local Food Co-Operative

Climate Action Niagara Community Gardens

The Psychic Village

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Thursday, 13 June 2013

We'd Rather You Didn't Grow, Thank You

You know what bothers us about you? You're always growing. We really do wish you would stop that.

Don't you remember the message inscribed at the Oracle of Delphi? The greeks had it right: γνῶθι σεαυτόν. Know thyself.

As far as we're concerned, that means plant your feet on the ground and be consistent. You see, we have expectations about who you are. We've got you pegged. We know you.

And having you nailed down in our minds makes us feel good about ourselves. It makes us feel secure. It makes us feel smart.

So if you go growing like that, you'll change. Suddenly, you'll say something or do something that we didn't predict with our ingenious minds. And that will make us feel dumb, as if there was something about you that we didn't already know. We don't like that. We like feeling like we know everything. We like the familiar.

So even though we love you, even though we're your friends and family, we'd rather not be made to feel uncomfortable by all of this "personal development" and "spiritual growth" that you've been doing. It's awfully inconvenient for us.

Oh, so you think that "know thyself" means something different? It means discovering who you really are, beyond the ego and through your dreams and deepest desires? All of this "growth" that you're experiencing is really just the revealing of the person you've always been, ever since the day you were born?

Well that... that sounds like something we'd like to do ourselves, actually. Now we're envious. How dare you make us feel envy for something we're not emotionally prepared to experience ourselves?

No, really, if it's all the same, please get back in the box we put you in in the first place. If you keep getting out like this, we'll have to consider becoming more flexible. We certainly can not have that, can we! That means that we'll be changing and growing too! What a disaster!

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Friday, 31 May 2013

Our Sincerest Gratitude

Awhile ago we posted an announcement for an event we were doing this coming Monday: Psychic Tarot Readings at The Spiritual Spa. The response has been even better than expected, and we've booked the day completely!

If you had wanted a Psychic Tarot Reading, but missed the deadline, please get in touch through Facebook or using the contact form in the sidebar of our blog. We still have times available throughout the week for in-home readings, but availability changes almost daily so please get in touch as soon as possible.

Thank you so much to all of you for your support!

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Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Most Boring, And Most Powerful, Spiritual Habit

There is something you can do that can transform the planet. Do this, and the mountains will leap out of your way when they see you coming. It isn't hard, it doesn't take a lot of skill or genius, and doesn't even take a lot of faith.

The catch: it's such a very deeply boring thing to write about. Seriously, it's like a blogger's death-wish to discuss it. So, if I really want to get you to read this article, I'll wait a bit to tell you what it is.

Instead, I'll give you an example of someone who uses this incredible power and has already transformed the landscape of the planet. This guy:

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Event Announcement

We're happy to announce that this coming Monday, June 3rd, The Psychic Village will be hosted at The Spiritual Spa in downtown St Catharines for 1-hour Psychic Tarot Readings. (See the poster below for complete details!)

Appointments are available at a special low price of $45, but we've only been able to open a few spots so please call to book a time right away. 

To book an appointment call 289-990-3324.

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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

3 Easy Steps To Finding Your Higher Self

Reaching the higher self sounds like a good idea to most people, but where do you start? How do you connect with the pure, loving part of yourself without years of meditation and religious study?

It's easier than you might think.

Step 1: Find 5 Minutes

Set aside 5 minutes a day where you will be thinking about your higher self. The idea of sitting back and focusing on something like this will seem peculiar at first, so we'll start off easy.

Don't push yourself, after all this is supposed to be relaxing! If you feel like continuing a session after the first 5 minutes, of course feel free to do so.

Please note: if you don't have 5 minutes free in your day, then find 15 minutes. If your life is really that hectic then it's time to make this a priority and bump something from your schedule!

New Logo!

We have a new logo! Thank you so much to Sandra Booker who has put so much effort into the design. It's gorgeous!

Thursday, 23 May 2013

7 Side-Effects Of Spiritual Healing

Here is a list of 7 signs that you are on the healing path. Some will seem a bit peculiar or random, but those of you who have experienced dramatic healings in the past will definitely find them familiar:

  1. Emotional discharge. When you've been clearing blocks away, stored up emotions break free and get released. Suddenly you're crying or laughing or shouting each in turn or all at once, and then it passes and you feel peaceful. This is pretty common, and one of those things that people who are losing a lot of weight frequently experience as things that were once stored up get flushed out.
  2. Something in the outer world changes. A person you used to hear from

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

DIVINATION: Finding Your Path

Today as I prayed and meditated the above title appeared in my mind, in that place where Divine direction appears. The tone of the message was different than usual. Often I feel like I'm being "pushed" by Inspiration to do something, but this time it was just presented as a gift. "Here, have this, and enjoy it if you'd like."

Well now. It appears I finally have permission to publish a book... and it couldn't be on a more perfect subject.

Now I draw to myself the resources I've collected over the years, from gigabytes of online articles to my boxes of moldy out-of-print tomes about the subtle arts of divination. For centuries mankind has sought knowledge beyond time, space and meaning, and now I will call their names. They are the Runes of the ancient northern cultures, Tarot of the European nations, and Palmistry of the Vedics and of the Hermetics. Astrology, Tea Leaves, Bone Casting,

Friday, 17 May 2013

Me, Naked (Figuratively!)

I have a habit of using my status updates as a diary. I find that putting my thoughts out for the public without the possibility of editing them after the fact is a marvelous way of keeping myself honest.

It's odd that I happened to be inspired to document the last 6 months of status updates today. Exactly 6 months and one day ago it was my birthday. It proves to be an interesting document of my spiritual discoveries over the past while.

Also, I noticed that I had started doing professional psychic readings publicly last November. Odd, seems like only yesterday...

Anyhow, hopefully you'll find some of this of use. Please note that none of these entries is a quote of any other writer, just my own musings.

The modern tendency to tack on the word "science" to make your philosophy seem more trendy seems awfully deceptive. Basically you're asking for blind faith in exchange for the promise that someone smart somewhere agrees with you.
- May 17, 2013

Putting thoughts of wisdom in your status is a way of attempting to teach yourself the lesson you are sharing. For instance: I wish I was more humble (it would make me a better listener) so I posted the above to avoid seeing my status updates as a way of seeming impressive.
- May 16, 2013

Stop talking and just say something.
- May 13, 2013

No, he doesn't have ADD. You're just boring.
- May 11, 2013

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Feeling Broken When I'm Perfect

One of the more confusing things spiritual healers often say is that you are not damaged. 

Picture this now: you've been hurting, or you've run into a big barrier in your spiritual development. You've gone through the process of looking up a healer, making the appointment, and agreeing to pay for the service. As you're discussing what is to come, you happen to talk about how you feel flawed or damaged or imperfect in some way.

Then they tell you that you're perfect exactly the way you are.

So then you have to ask: if you're already perfect, why are you even there?

When I studied Reiki years ago this really stumped me. On one hand we were doing energy healings, but on the other hand we were carefully coached to never see anyone as anything other than perfect. How can both be true?

All of the reasons people seek out a healer boil down to two things:

Saturday, 27 April 2013

The Physical / Emotional Link, And Why Disease Is Meant To Heal

Nobody has ever calmly, serenely drifted away into a relaxing heart attack. Your body and your emotions are intimately linked.

I've been fortunate enough to have suffered a few rather painful events over the last year. These were lessons that I was blessed with when I just couldn't learn any other way. Sure, it would have been nicer if I had just come to grips with my personal issues in a more healthy and wholistic manner, but I was in a hurry to get my inner demons dealt with and so Divine Providence obliged.

First there was the gall bladder attack, which was about as much pain as I am able to imagine a man can experience. I'll spare you the gory details but basically it was hours of wincing out to doctors that yes, my pain was still at a 10 of 10, please do something.