Sunday, 20 December 2015

7 Predictions For 2016

A part of me really resists making lists like this. I feel like maybe I'm ruining the surprise, somehow.

But hey, people seem very interested, and I am after all here to serve. So, here are my predictions for 2016:
  1. Expect a much darker winter than usual here in Niagara. Go out and get a sun lamp for your home - it will do you a world of good.
  2. We're going to see at least one plane disaster in North America due to poor maintenance. This will prompt a shift towards more stringent safety standards, which is unfortunate as the current standards were adequate and what was actually needed was an increased frequency of independent inspections. The budget for this will never be allocated.
  3. Electric-powered cars will begin to rise in affordability and accessibility. They'll become a realistic option both practically and financially for the average consumer. People will still be heavily biased towards the familiar combustion engine, however, so expect only a minor shift in the market.
  4. Here in the Niagara Region the summer heat is going to start earlier in the spring than usual, and we're in for a very humid and sweltering season. Worldwide, expect new weather records to be set for both heat and wind speeds.
  5. A serious decrease in the amount of profit pulled out from the oil sands in western Canada will mark the beginning of an economic slow down in that area. The cost of oil will be too low, the cost of transportation will be too high, and more flooding this year will cause ecological disasters that nobody will want to put up with.
  6. The next President of the United States will be Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders will be her Vice President, which he leverages to his advantage but prevents him from employing his more radical ideas. None of Clinton's policies will be of particular note compared to anyone else who might have been in the same position, but her fans will blow her victories out of proportion and her detractors will attack her with rabid vehemence. Expect her opponents to come up with some contrived and tedious fireworks in her second or third year.
  7. The world economy continues its slow march forward as we struggle to return the world into one where we're not all broke all the time. Independent contractors, consultants, and entrepreneurs become a rapidly growing body and make up a significant portion of the new middle class, which is both liberating and isolating for those involved.

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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Fall predictions for the St Catharines area

all predictions for the St Catharines area
  • Several new spiritual communities will start to form focused on specific needs and ways to grow.
  • There will be three UFO sightings above St Catharines, although one will be dismissed and the other only shared with friends. Keep your ears open for the third.
  • There will be a few days where the warm weather returns, but this will be followed by much colder weather.
  • Downtown will experience a Renaissance of sorts with people from all over travelling there for a wide range of work and entertainment.
  • New controversies at the city hall level as certain officials try to skirt the rules for personal gain.
  • Expect a brief storm one night capable of doing a lot of damage to your garden. The vineyards will be fine, but a sudden cold snap and ice/frost will be a problem if you don't cover your vegetables.
  • Layoffs will be offset by new employment opportunities.

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Monday, 21 September 2015

Channeled Thoughts

Aquick summary of stuff that's been coming up lately with some frequency:

  1.  Pay attention to the underground highways across the United States. This will matter to you soon. No, no reason to fear, but do prepare with some foreknowledge. It will be handy and entertaining at the very least. 
  2. Question comforting "truths" from spiritualists. Challenge yourself. 
  3. Learn cold therapy. (See Wim Hof, cold shower benefits) 
  4. Remember that all thought, memory, habit, personality, and experience are consequences of a brain and body you'll completely abandon someday. Put "yourself", your "mission" and your "purpose" in their proper places in the grand scheme of things at all times. 
  5. Don't worry about accomplishing anything in this life. Try of course, but like any game, don't worry too much about the consequences of success or failure. Progress of any real significance isn't made in a single lifetime. 
  6. Laugh. For goodness sakes, please, just laugh quite a bit more than you have been. If you aren't laughing, you're missing something incredibly important and crucial to your getting better and the world getting better. Evolution and salvation will come only with this tool firmly under your belt. Laugh without bitterness, freely and with tremendous relief. Because everything is okay, and it always has been, and it's quite funny that you ever worried, isn't it?
  7. You can either fight, or you can construct. We recommend construction. Specifically: do not fight fear. Rather, build courage. Encourage. Spread courage. Inspire it. Celebrate it. Revel in it, eyes wide open staring into the abyss, laughing at the thrill of every facet of danger and adventure this life has brought. 
There's more but most of the rest was directed at me personally. Feel free to share this with anyone you like anywhere you like if you feel so inspired.

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