Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Manifestation Fundamentals: The Unique Advantage of Weakness

The following article is part of a series on Manifestation. For the first part, please see Manifestation Fundamentals: Accept That Life is Unfair. In this article we continue to discuss "The First Fundamental of Manifestation":
To work with The Law of Attraction properly, you must transform yourself into a person who has this ability. Change is not optional.
Here we'll tackle the concept from a different perspective.

One thing many of us spend a lot of time on is the careful control of our energies. Positivity, compassion, patience, happiness, and all of the things we call "high frequencies" start as quarries we pursue, then hard-won prizes, and then simply become habits.

In theory this not only makes us happier and healthier, this also opens us to the higher wisdom of the universe. Of course, of particular importance to this series of articles is also the application of the Law of Attraction: if you stay positive, then positive things will come to you.

The difficulty is that the world, and our experience of it, spans the frequency spectrum from one end to the other. As positive as you think you are, you are not completely free of negativity. That's an experience reserved for the next world.

So here's what happens: we have our high-frequency addict. They resonate with joy, bliss out in meditation, and overall present a shiny happy face to the world at all times. And then they get sick, have arguments with friends, business moves don't go as planned, and they're left wondering: how is this possible? I've been entirely focused on positivity, so this shouldn't be happening. I did not ask for this. What's going on?